Nanà Trevi Fountain Rome

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Nanà is located in the historical center of Rome, close to the Trevi Fountain and the Quirinale, in a suggestive small square in Panetteria street.

Nanà was born in a kitchen-house. The kitchen was the place where life began and ended, always around the same table where Nanà and her family would celebrate and suffer.

Nanà's mother, Donna Amalia, had found a way to support her five children in that kitchen. Not only did she cook for her family, she also cooked for the workers who were rebuilding Naples after World War II. dishes were kept warm, wrapped in a hand towel and were delivered to the workplaces and later picked up by one of her sons, who would take the orders for the following day.

This was how Nanà and her four brothers grew up. Donna Amalia died one summer evening while sitting outside her home, in her lane, without a word or any fuss. It was now time for Nanà to start practising everything she had seen and heard so that she could carry on living. There was no recipe book, only what she had memorised, seen, smelt and heard while her mother taught her the job.

Andrea Lombardi Nanà Trevi Fountain Rome
Nanà Trevi Fountain Rome

Our first ingredient?

We carefully select the best raw material!

Freshly caught fish delivered every morning. For a high quality standard of our dishes we rely on top-level suppliers.

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from March to October

We are open for lunch and dinner

Tuesday to Sundays (12:30-23:00).

Closed on Monday.

from november to February

We are open for lunch and dinner

Tuesday to Sundays (12:30-15:00 19:00-23:00).

Closed on Monday.

A private dining room for unforgettable experiences. Up to 16 guests.

The passion for food, the love for our land and its products, are the distinctive elements of Nanà's cuisine. Carefully selected ingredients, the best raw materials, the coolest fish you can crave, make Nanà's dishes unique experiences.

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